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How to move the Japanese way ;)

Intermediate weather vocabulary


"Booking a Hotel in Japan" listening comprehension

Level: Intermediate

Oct 9


Speaking Girly Japanese? - Gender Difference: Male vs Female Speech

Oct 7

NIJI TV - a working free program for streaming Japanese TV (NIJI-日本語生放送テレビ)

All you need to do is download a small program, make a free account, login and you’re all ready to start watching Japanese TV. The quality isn’t HD but it’s watchable and streaming is smooth - I haven’t experienced any choppy playback so far. There are several popular TV stations available, including NHK, Fuji Terebi, TV Asahi, TBS and Kansai Terebi.

Rare and old doramas, jdramas and movies download

This is a goldmine if you’re looking for older / rare Japanese drama or movies. 

May 3

Japanese Gamers on YouTube!


Most of those I subscribe to on YouTube are gamers. I know that a few people on here enjoy gaming and so, in case you also like watching other people playing games, I thought I’d create a list of Japanese gamers I’m subscribed to that you might also be interested in!

[Unfortunately, my Japanese…

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Burikko ぶりっこ -The biggest secret of Japanese girls-


Oct 8


For Coco the dog’s birthday, her owner treats her to a dog-friendly sushi experience

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