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Rare and old doramas, jdramas and movies download

This is a goldmine if you’re looking for older / rare Japanese drama or movies. 

May 3

Japanese Gamers on YouTube!


Most of those I subscribe to on YouTube are gamers. I know that a few people on here enjoy gaming and so, in case you also like watching other people playing games, I thought I’d create a list of Japanese gamers I’m subscribed to that you might also be interested in!

[Unfortunately, my Japanese…

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Burikko ぶりっこ -The biggest secret of Japanese girls-


Oct 8


For Coco the dog’s birthday, her owner treats her to a dog-friendly sushi experience

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Pure madness ^^

Ajinomoto Youtube Channel - Recipes

Here you’ll find short videos showing you how to cook various things, all in Japanese.

androp「World.Words.Lights.」(from 1st Single(double A-side) “World.Words.Lights/You”) (by andropmusic)

Perfect music for travelling.

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Candle no Hi wo (by harajukuxbaby)

NHK documentaries (streaming)

A LOT of them!